Ben Kyle
Big Ditch Road
Bob Wooten
Brian Fesler
Bryan Hanna
Brian Setzer
Charlie Parr
Chastity Brown
Chris Koza
Dale Miller
Dana Thompson
Dance Band
Danny Michel
Dave Gardner
Dave Boquist
David Roos
David Schultz
Death in the Tall Grass
Dead Man Winter
Dillinger Four
Eclectone Records
Eliza Blue
Eric Christopher
Eric Luoma
Eric Olsen
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Hojas Rojas
House of Mercy Band
Inwood Radio
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Mike “RAZ” Russell
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Nice Purse
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Roma di Luna
Six Mile Grove
Stan Thiele
Sticky Nickel
Surfdog Records
Taconite Haven
Think Out Loud
Tyler Blanski
The Ann Bancroft Foundation
The Stone Pages
The Flatwheelers
The Get Rites
The Ghost of Sean Arthur Peterson
Tim Oregan
The Red Leaves
The Evening Rig
Tom Feldmann
Tommy Vee
The Waifs
Wizards Are Real!/ghostsap!/ghostsap

“Not so much a studio as a two-story recording womb...” ~ City Pages